Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bryant's myopic insularity

His recent blog post "between us" leaves me dismayed at his continual misrepresentation of so-called liberal political policy. His philosophical analysis is astute enough on how conservatives fail to take into account a systemic approach, thereby blaming the individual for his problems. But he thinks liberals are guilty of the same problem, just blaming the greedy corporatists with the hope that if we just shame them that they'll mend their ways. Whereas the problem lies in the systemic structural ecology, in this case the capitalist system.

But the liberal position is anything but a mere complaint that regressives are greedy bastards. It is that too but the entire point is to create policy (law) that enacts very real material changes in the economic ecology that ameliorate injustice and provide just tax laws and equal opportunity, etc. He must be so insulated from actual political reality in his little academic world that he only sees liberals as ineffective whiners like this. And/or ideologically attached to his own theories that he doesn't see the very real material socio-economic policies that progressives are busy trying to enact for the social good by using systemic approaches to the chagrin, and ferocious opposition, of the regressive greedy bastards.

Bryant needs to among many other things read the Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget for All. Here we have real material changes suggested to redress capitalism's abuses, like:

•Immediately allows Bush tax cuts to expire for families earning over $250K
•Higher tax rates for millionaires and billionaires (from 45% to 49%)
•Taxes income from investments the same as income from wages
•Ends corporate tax bias toward moving jobs and profits overseas
•Enacts a financial transactions tax
•Reduces deductions for corporate jets, meals, and entertainment

This does a whole lot more than just bitch about greedy bastards; they try to enact law into the systemic ecology. If he can't see that then academia and its ecology have completely blinded him to obvious realities.

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