Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Interspiritual revolution

Balder started an IPS thread on this from this Huff Post article. I appreciate the third way from the article:

"In which one's primary path is one's inner guidance, what George Fox, founder of the Quakers, called one's 'inner teacher,' and what Christians have often referred to as the 'guidance of the Holy Spirit.' Its emphasis lies on the relationship aspect of the Ultimate Mystery. This way may not lead to being embedded in a particular wisdom tradition (without eliminating this possibility), but instead to taking on, in a mature and disciplined way, differing teachers, practices and service roles throughout one's lifetime, under the guidance of the Spirit.

"Too often this third way has been described as being selfish, flaky, a spiritual 'Esperanto,' or arising out of an inability to commit. In fact of matter, it is all about commitment. It is about fidelity to one's own path, to the inner impulse that arises within us, and the courage to commit to it with all of one's being, allowing ourselves the freedom of movement that it demands. It shifts us from a reliance on gurus, dogmas and institutions to following one's own inner light."

They warn that in this path one can lose their way so it's necessary to seek community for feedback. And that is persactly what IPS offers. It is my church, as it were, and a damned good one at that. I guess I'm if not a priest then at least an elder in the congregation.

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