Sunday, May 19, 2013

Maher on IRS Tea Party tax forms

On Real Time last Friday night Maher was pissed at the IRS for unfairly singling out the Tea Party's applications for tax exempt status. To prove it he found (i.e., created) a sample form that Tea Party applicants had to complete:

Question 1: Name, age, approximate location of your trailer park.

#2: When did you first realize that you shouldn't have to pay taxes? Moments after black guy was elected? Seconds after black guy was elected?
#3: To which of these do your currently cling? Guns? Bible? False memories of simpler time, probably from TV? All of the above?
#4: Draw a Hitler mustache on the President you think deserves it the most.
#5: How many members of your family have been accidentally shot by other members of your family?
#7: There are 15 aisles at Home Depot, each 10 years apart. If your Rascal scooter goes 4 mph, how long will it be before you're as far away from the Mexican day laborers as possible?

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