Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Summary of Hampson

A couple quips from the Hampson summary, all topics explored in depth in this blog and IPS Forum. Unfortunately even Hampson is caught up in the marginalizing tendencies of academia to even notice.

"In attempting to transcend postmodernism, Wilberian integral theory appears not to sufficiently include its contributions. AQAL's current theoretic status of the Green vMeme and its relationship to post-Green conceptualisations is substantively problematic."

"The reflexive enactment of such [pomo] modalities may consequently alter the conceptual template—the very fabric—upon which integral theory is based."

"Research could be undertaken regarding the relationship of integral theory to Lakoff and Johnson's work on conceptual metaphor and embodied philosophy."

"Notions of construction and deconstruction as necessary adversaries can appropriately be seen to stem from an either/or mindset. Thinking dialectically, their relationship can fruitfully be rather understood as complexly interpenetrating."

"A conceptual template based in part on complexity theory could facilitate an internally-congruent evolution of integral theory."

"Further research could explore, for example, in what appropriate ways pre- and trans- could be identified as distinct yet complexly interpenetrating."

"In short, this evidence supports the hypothesis that the above text from Derrida is operating from the construct-aware stage....His writing demonstrates a high level of developmental maturity, in which deconstruction is recognised and reflexively enacted in a post-relativist, dialectical, construct-aware mode. Derrida and deconstruction are clearly something Other than that signified by Wilber in his use of the term, deconstructive postmodernism."

"That Authentic and post-Authentic consciousness enfolds into itself—would specifically problematise Wilber's theorizing of levels specifically for Green and beyond."

"Wilber constructs two opposing camps: (a) the camp of fragments, jumble, mess, breakage, alienation, division; and (b) the camp of holism, integrality, holons, linkages, joinings, communions, wholeness. This construction is dualistic: no interpenetration between the two camps is allowed for. But why does it necessarily have to be either/or? A complex-aware theoretic template could embrace both camps. Through this, the world could be identified as: whole and jumbled, holonic and entangled, broken and linked—in varying ways."

"There was a significant 'yellow false positive' whereby 'Selection of statements intended to elicit Yellow appear to be reflecting a more sophisticated form of Orange instead' and that, 'The dominant profile for those pegging falsely on Yellow came from the Blue/Orange pairing and from Nodal Orange.'"

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