Monday, May 20, 2013

GOP Christianity

Here's another recent article on GOP Christianity, founded on a messianic Calvinism. It's tenets are: "The Bible is infallible; the 'law' is driven by the Ten Commandments, rather than the teachings of Jesus; humans are totally depraved; and God has predestined who will be saved." It fomented the culture wars by railing against marriage equality, abortion, evolution, the separation of church and state, but most importantly for capitalism. The author also brings in Weber's seminal work on this, and how financial success determined one's heavenly worth. Hence as already mentioned the by-product being if you're poor it's because you're of the Devil and are getting your just desserts. And all in all in this author's mind (and mine), not at all akin to the teaching of Jesus who gave Christianity its name. For Christ sake.

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