Sunday, May 5, 2013

Colbert on regressive gun illogic and NRA-vana

Colbert, mock pretending to be a gun advocate, lays out their nonsense, as there are "no coherent arguments" in support. "Fine," he says, "then what about incoherent arguments." Like background checks will lead to a registry. Oh yeah, the recent legislation specifically makes it a crime to do so. It's a symptom of what he calls "truthiness," completely ignoring the facts to confirm your irrational biases. (Reminds me of Fox and Friends in the last post.) So the regressives engage in NRA-vana, their idyllic paradise of the freedom to kill whatever and whomever they choose to preserve their...freedom?

Sure, Colbert argues, the victims of gun violence are winning the emotional argument. They think they have some special status because they have been shot? Huh. Rand Paul thinks Obama is using gun victims as props and it makes him sad. Funny how he's sensitive to his own feelings but not those of the victims? You see those who have been shot are the real victims; gun owners are. You see a gun owner having to go through a background check is a greater tragedy than you losing your life. Yes, a regressive actually said what other regressives believe but know better than to actually say.

Of course, as noted in previous posts the Senate's no vote on background checks is directly responsible for many sliding downward in the polls. Colbert mocks that to win the gun argument we can't care about what the people think or coherent arguments. They must achieve NRA-vana, that state wherein facts do not penetrate the bubble of a fanatical ideology fueled by pure self interest. And in the case of Senators, keeping their jobs. Of course the fact is their votes will likely cost them their jobs, but that doesn't penetrate the bubble.

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