Sunday, May 26, 2013


In this IPS thread Joe suggested "a post-metaphysical recontextualized Theurgy perhaps..." I replied:

I'm with you here Joe. I agree about the hyper-rational and have noted the same in my criticisms of kennilingus and the model of hierarchical complexity.* I've long hoped for such a theurjic recontextualization using tarot imagery as method for 'communion' with if not gods then at least transrational aspects of psyche. It was in that hope that I re-entered the GD a few years back but realized it was too locked in a metaphysical view to get anywhere so left again, this time for good. So I'm actually interested in your generative (en)closure along those lines, despite my healthy skepticism and doubt.

So you cover the axes, faces and edges. What about the 8 corners?

I'm also reminded of another practice and its theory-philosophy, tai chi, though based on the trigrams and hexagrams. In the movements one must always keep aware of the 3 axes with the 6 dimensions, which just happen to translate as how trigrams can be doubled in a hexagram. All of course based on the originary bi-valent yin and yang in mutual entailment. It is not of course a perfect fit to your cube but another system that can be postmetaphysically recontextualized, and one akin to my predilection for meditation as movement art.

Hmmm, maybe taichiurgy?

* See Gidley's quote in this post as but one example, where I also address how we must re-connect with our prior state-stages via different methods in order to go trans-rational.

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