Saturday, May 18, 2013

Maher's new rule on scandals

It starts around 53:00 in this video. This week we had regressives fuming that Benghazi is the biggest scandal in history. Really? We had Nixon running a burglary ring out of the White House. Reagan traded arms with terrorists. Bush had Powell lie to the UN to start a war. And Benghazi? Some talking points that the CIA gave to the State Department to protect national security. Oh yes, that's worse than slavery, Japanese internment, lying about WMD and banks still perpetuating financial crimes of stupendous proportions. If you're really that crazy about Benghazi then "your hard on for Obama has lasted for more than four hours and you need to call a doctor." I'd add call a psychiatrist while you're at it; you need some serious anti-psychotic medication.

Meanwhile, while the press is focusing on scandal, the biggest real scandal is not getting adequate press. That is that the CO2 level in the atmosphere has now exceeded 400 parts per million. If Rice gave bogus talking points what about the regressive conspiracy theory that anthropocentric climate change is still unsettled when 97% of climate scientists agree about it? This affects all life on the planet. But wait, that will cut into the insane profits of oil companies, so what if humanity is wiped out. Duh...

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