Saturday, May 18, 2013

Harris and McIntosh

Recall back in '04 Ray Harris responded to McIntosh's integral world government. McIntosh replied here, and Harris countered here. From the last source:

"The problem with such statements as 'transcend and include' is that they can easily become platitudes. They sound meaningful but remain meaningless until we detail what exactly should be transcended and what should be included. Steve, I know you have included a list of the 'enduring' elements of each stage. But unfortunately this is where the real problem begins. I simply don't agree that they are 'enduring' at all. Interesting isn't it? The things you think should be included I think should be transcended."

"The Greens of course, are a global organisation. We are already 'doing' the difficult politics of global governance.... I invite you to investigate what is already being done in this area – rather than start a new proposal. I suggest you sign on to some of those and work from within. You will find that many people working in this area are already integral and quite sophisticated thinkers – even if they've never heard of Ken's work or the Integral Institute."

Hence my inclination for orgs like the CPC and DSA. They are already integral, well established and making small but significant inroads toward a progressive future.

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