Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Whadda ya gonna do about it?

At IPS Balder posted two evocative pieces, one by Latour and one on Monsanto. Latour is addressing climate change, and a common choice between denial or accepting it but doing nothing. And in the other the Russian President delayed meeting the US Secretary of State because of US policy to allow Monsanto to continue selling its proven bee-killing bioengineered chemicals. Which chemicals the EU has agreed to ban.

I take both of these to heart, but I cannot do nothing. Hence my ferocious written attacks on those perpetuating these crimes. I realize it's not much coming from a small voice, but it is not nothing. So I keep trying to get others to speak up, for when we get enough small voices together we become like a hive of bees and make a grand and frightening buzz that just might initiate some action. As I said before, this is war and we must fight like our lives depend on it. For they really do.

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