Friday, May 31, 2013

Krugman on the GOP taking food from children, literally

Krugman isn't fucking around here with metaphors; this is actually what the regressives are doing: Taking food away from needy children. And he says we should get damned mad about it and he's right about that too. This is heinous and inhuman. Their latest legislation will kick off 2 million people from the food stamps program! Why? Because we cannot afford it? Bullshit. See the linked Reich video from a previous post.And no, this isn't just bitching about asshole regressives but a call to get active with your politicians and grassroots orgs to put as much pressure as possible to keep from cutting the food stamps program and get the money from where we have plenty, the rich and corporations. So they have to perhaps eat 1 ounce less caviar per day. That is better than starving our children, don't you think?

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