Tuesday, May 14, 2013

O'Reilley's inept response to Stewart

Last Thursday Jon Stewart reported that a U of MD study showed that there were 54 attacks on diplomatic targets during the Bush years with 13 American deaths. Yet there was nary a peep out of the same regressives that are now going apeshit over Benghazi, as there were only 3 congressional hearings. So O'Reilly remarks that "many" of those were during the Iraq war. And that Stewart got his "facts" from Daily Kos and Media Matters, as if that somehow erases their veracity. Stewart points out that 8 of those attacks happened during the Iraq was. That is many? So what about the other 46? Bill O doesn't respond to that. And Stewart got the info directly from the U of MD website. Once again proving that Fox is faux with their fact checks, or faux checks. And that they refuse to answer real, substantive questions, instead preferring ad hominem attacks based on ideology. I know, big surprise.

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