Saturday, May 11, 2013

Maddow exposes regressive conspiracy lunacy, including Benghazi

It's come to be a given that regressive ideological fixation will not budge in the face of obvious facts. And no, progressives do not fall prey to this to anywhere near the same degree as regressives, as you'll recall from this scientific study. So Maddow runs down a litany of issues whereby they flail on despite evidence refuting their paranoid fantasies. For one, the stock market recently hit an all-time high, going over 15,000. And yet we have the head in the sand and up their ass regressives, on the very same day as this new high, fuming that socialist Obama is wrecking the stock market and causing the rich to unload their stocks. Yes, on the same day.

And of course we all know that the birthers just cannot accept that Obama is a US citizen. Another group thinks he's secretly gay married! If that's not enough, Obama also killed all his gay boyfriends to hide this 'fact.' And yet it's not just the crazy fringe that goes for this stuff in the present day GOP. It seems the party's mainstream has also tracked so far to the extreme that we get this sort of crazy as daily bread. For example Oklahoma senator Inhofe is claiming that the government is buying up all the ammunition so that we the people are left unarmed and defenseless for and actual government war against us. And how does Inhofe know this is true? "Because people are concerned about this." Yeah, the same paranoid lunatics above.

The list goes on. After the Boston bombing a regressive congressman, while questioning the secretary of homeland security, claimed the US is deporting someone in order to cover up information about the attack. The secretary said no such thing happened and would not dignify such paranoia. So she must be hiding something, eh? Of course this congressman got this 'theory' directly from nut case extraordinaire Glen Beck. This is where they get their 'facts,' from the likes of Beck, Limbaugh and Faux Snooze. All of which, time and again, have proven to be the most unreliable 'news' sources imaginable.

So now we have the congressional investigation into Benghazi, meaning paranoid witch hunt because it too is a massive cover up of intentional malfeasance.They're so sure of this that it is going to lead either to Obama being impeached or resigning. Never mind that the hearing on this concluded there is no cover up. This was conducted by the House oversight committee headed by another paranoid wackadoodle, Issa. Even this regressively controlled panel concluded that while there was some incompetence there was no conspiracy. Oh sure, they must be bought off. Or are being threatened by Obama's black operatives. Or fill in the blank in your little schizoid brain you regressive bastard.

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