Monday, May 13, 2013

Jon Stewart on Benghazi 'what if' projection

In this clip Stewart asks a very simple question in response to regressive hysteria: "What did the President do?" One regressive demagogue said he sacrificed American lives for politics. Regressive media is furious that the 'media' is not outraged by this story. Thing is, they always frame it as "if it was indeed the case," if their paranoid delusions were true, then it is truly an outrage. Stewart shows example after example of the "what if." But what they're not seeing is that it's their delusions preying on their sanity, because there is no evidence that it is indeed the case. These freaks create a narrative to fit their hatred sans any semblance of fact or evidence. Stewart quips: "Yes, if. And if dingleberries were diamonds I could open a Kaye jewelers in my pants."

Stewart then says two can play that game. What if Congress had the opportunity to fund foreign security? And what if they cut that funding for political purposes? And what if those cuts in funding let to not having the resources to protect our ambassadors in Benghazi? And therefore what if those lives were indeed lost for political gamesmanship? Thing is, Stewart's what if is exactly what happened as verified by historical record. The regressive what if never happened and is merely a figment of their imagination.

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