Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hurray for Pope Francis

Continuing a theme from the last post, Pope Francis lays out what being a good Christian means. Reminding me of the faux moralists in the GOP he said: "We cannot become starched Christians, too polite, who speak of theology calmly over tea. We have to become courageous Christians and seek out those (who need help most)." Hurray for him. Also reminiscent of regressive hypocrisy, he goes on:

"If investments in banks fall, it is a tragedy and people say 'what are we going to do?' But if people die of hunger, have nothing to eat or suffer from poor health, that's nothing. This is our crisis today. A Church that is poor and for the poor has to fight this mentality."

Bravo! Now if only those supposed Christians in Congress could get with his program. I know, not likely.

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