Saturday, May 25, 2013

The true and invisible rosicrucian order meets the Virtual

Continuing from this post, Case,* as is typical of many if not all GD members, is convinced that the Secret Chiefs ruling over mankind (the Illuminati, not doubt, and in a 'higher' plane) are providing this knowledge of Illumination to their chosen inner circle. And that said inner circle (jerks) are privy (i.e., have privileged access) to, and are in direct communication with, said Secret Chiefs. (See this GD claim, as but one example of the constant and continual wars on who talks to the Chiefs.) I don't have to tell you the political implications of such self-proclaimed power stemming from claims of direct, privileged access to Reality.

* From The Open Door:

"BUILDERS OF THE ADYTUM (B.O.T.A.) is a true Mystery School; an international, non-profit, teaching and training Order and an outer vehicle of the Inner Spiritual Hierarchy, sometimes called the Inner School, which guides the evolution of Man."

Case, of course, was also in "close contact with the Inner School." Ok, maybe not the Illuminati but certainly the Rosicrucians. Case's The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order was a staple in any wesoteric diet. P. 15 highlights as but one of many examples that this wisdom "was first taught by God himself to a select company of angels. After the fall, the angels communicated the heavenly doctrine to the disobedient child of earth, to furnish the protoplasts with the means of returning to the pristine nobility and felicity."

And this from p. 19 of TTIRO:

"There is, indeed, abundant evidence that no small number of the best minds of Europe did read the Rosicrucians riddles aright, and did establish contact with the Inner School which announced its existence to the world is such curious terms. The way they found is still open, and the School to which it leads the earnest inquirer is still in active operation. To do somewhat to clear the path to it is one of the objects of this book."

That being said, to go back to generative (en)closures. Yes, accepting the axioms above will certainly bring about changes in consciousness. But what do those changes mean in a postmetaphysical context? And which of those axioms must go? It seems to me that certainly a prime axiom to be discarded is this belief in metaphyhsical planes of existence ruled over by secret chiefs and hierarchies of angels, etc. Yes, we still have the virtual, but it can be, and is being, formulated postmetaphysically in this forum, for one. This axiom, and its resultant equations, have evolved.

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