Thursday, July 25, 2013

Colbert on white racism and the Martin murder

President Obama recently gave a speech in response to the Zimmerman verdict, trying to help us understand what it's like for a black man in this society, still. So the regressives run amok reacting by coming out with the statistics that black on black violence is rampant so therefore therefore Zimmerman was right to fear for this life and justified in killing Martin. I know, it doesn't follow but regressives have given up on any semblance of logic long ago. Colbert counters this nonsense in his usual way, by satirizing this regressive misdirection. He counters their math with some math of his own, noting that about 0.009% of the African American population commit murder, so of course we should therefore be scared of all of them, right? And suspect them if they're walking in our neighborhood, right? And follow them with a gun, right? And when we confront them and they respond naturally to being followed and confronted we should assume they're going to kill us, right? So we just have to kill them first, right?

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