Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Regressives spin socialism on Obamacare now, Medicare then

You've heard the bullshit, how it's big government socialism. Requiring people to get insurance to line the pockets of insurance companies is socialism? It's the tired rhetoric we heard from Reagan when Medicare came into existence. Al Sharpton provides video of that time, comparing it with today's regressive frames and they're exactly the same (2:45). The US didn't turn socialist from Medicare and it won't from Obamacare. The real fear is the once Obamacare in implemented people will see that the regressives have been lying about it and they'll actually like it, just like they did with Medicare. And regressives simply cannot have a big government program working, that is, helping people while also saving the country money and making money for business. It's just too much cognitively dissonant reality for their outdated and failed ideology.

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