Friday, July 5, 2013

Differant hyperobject

In the OOO thread in this post I said: 

“And yet what I'm suggesting is that the hyperobject universe does indeed have a singular endo-structural autonomy, something I've previously fought. Granted that endo-structure is indeed multiplicity as DeLanda defines it, which is also how I see differance. It is a universal in both Bryant and DeLanda and yet they cannot accept universals... Yes, each suobject has an individual topological space, but it is within a larger topological space of a hyperobject. Bryant has not trouble seeing individual endo-spaces being dominated by hyperobjects like class or capitalism, so what about the Big Kahuna Hyperobject? Multiplicity of differance itself?”

In the next post Layman said this:

“To my way of looking, at least three spaces are required (in addition to the indiscernible element of all distinctions) -- roughly analogous to the gross, subtle & causal of the Integralist.

"Deleuze, with his Nietzschean interest in vital energy and aesthetics, gives us the term ‘virtual.’  I connect that the ‘subtle realm’ in which one characteristic flavor-energy takes many flowing forms.

“Conversely, the notion of a heterogeneous topological space of differential multiplicities is more like the transparent structural im/possibility demanded by a coherent understanding of the causal realm.  We would expect that the basic identificational scaffolding of all patterns and fields can be conceived as hyberobjects in such a domain.  But it most likely takes personal ‘mystical’ experience in order to understand the need for a hyperobject-of-hyperobjects.

“Or, more accurately, it takes something personal to reduce the cautious antipathy which a theorist might shy away from the most general possible function of Differential Multiplicity Itself -- the Causal God who himself IS the boundary of the unthinkable.  Here we almost become Cartesian again...”

The above exploration starts around p. 81 and goes off and on for the next dozen or so pages.

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