Thursday, July 25, 2013

Corbett on the shadow of society

Corbett's recent Integral World piece is relevant to the ongoing anti-capitalism thread. An excerpt:

"This model of modern development worked very well, always for the elites, but for a good deal of non-elites as well, especially in the West, for several hundred years of global capitalist development. [...] However, as the hierarchical global capitalist system winds-down on the threshold of its own unacknowledged limits and is unable to resolve the crises it generates, it becomes increasingly authoritarian and repressive of its populations, with elites holding on to their illegitimate existence and squeezing the last remaining benefits of the system almost exclusively for itself. The human shadow has now become pathological and dysfunctional for the further advancement of civilization.

"For the current global crisis to be resolved into a higher level of civilizational complexity that provides the conditions for the optimal development of the creativity and spirituality of all people (the prime directive), the human shadow and its institutionalized expressions must be seized and removed from its central and dominant place in the current configuration of global society. We must do this by whatever means of struggle and adaptation necessary, for our further individual and collective development, and for our survival as a species."

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