Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Picking up the pieces

It just struck me that the quote Balder selected here is related to space/time, as in the discussion we've been having in the involution thread. Recall the 3 time loops of succession, presence and the virtual. Time as the virtual is seen as ordinal, where relations are never fully past, present or future; they are real but not actual. This is akin to our endo-relational structure, itself constructed of actual elements but not irreducible to them, retaining its virtual reserve.

Which of course circles (spirals) back to the object a or differance at the core (khor-a), perhaps akin to the dynamic ground? Hence that causal state is inherent to all endo-relations, human or otherwise. It is one of those givens for the corporeal, which is a given for the noncorporeal. But it is only via an embodied (corporeal) that something like the non-corporeal ego emerges. And it seems according to Washburn and Goddard we need an aspect of this, its self-reflection or witness, to transform the dynamic ground into the actual subtle and causal stages.

I'm also seeing a relation here with the endo-relations and the image schema, which I discussed here and here. It's still unclear how all the pieces of the puzzle fit. It's like a jigsaw, a few piece in place but many more holes. The pieces are here but I have to give them an endo-structural relation! In time, and space, this piece of virtual will become actual. My muse is working on it. I can feel the strange attractor pulling on her.

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