Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The dignity of differentiation, the disaster of dissociation

Continuing in the IPS anti-capitalism thread, I'm reminded of Wilber's dignity and disaster of modernity, differentiation and dissociation. The dignity consisted of not only in differentiating the value spheres but in differentiating the individual from his social milieu. A person could be individually rewarded for their meritorious efforts and buy their own property, from a house to a tv to whatever. There is a healthy side to this sort of individual effort/reward if kept within a social context, where such agency is tempered by communion. But it seems this went over into the disaster of not only differentiating the individual but dissociating from the social structure, where personal greed and overconsumption took over. It seems per Wilber the next healthy phase is integration instead of dissociation, integrating agency and communion, individual and social property, finding that balance in distributed capitalism that still rewards one for individual effort but not to the point of ego inflation, while also creating true equal opportunity (not equal results) for all.

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