Friday, July 19, 2013

Twisted vision-logic

Continuing from the last post, n terms of the WC lattice then, I'm still inclined that the subtle, causal and nondual are state-stages above the rational level in the vertical aspect,* more integrated and thus transformed earlier and given embodied levels. Whereas the more complex (complicated) aspects of the rational level (systemic, metasystemic, paradigmatic and cross-paradigmatic) are the horizontal axis. In keeping with the kennilingus notion that each state or stage in interpreted by the level, it might take at least a meta-systematic phase at the rational level plus stable meditative training to be considered at the subtle, causal or nondual stage. For one can get more complicated and have a postmetaphysical view I'm guessing at around the systemic phase of the rational stage, but still be without any meditative development to be as a subtle or deeper level. And one can have causal or nondual stage development but still have a metaphysical view, not having developed laterally into the metaysystematic phase.

* But again, this changes the shape (space-time) of the WC lattice at the rational level, which was indeed up to that time linear. It folds back on itself at this point by the integration and development of the state-stages as well as the enfolding of the lateral rational sub-phases. Hence I'm once again reminded of something like the following to represent this inside-outside-in triple-loop de loop. It's like an in-motion version of the Bergson diagram in the first post.

Speaking of the latter, I'll bring in Torbert's triple-looping next, as it relates to the virtual real and provides a grounding for this 'twisted' vision-logic.

Also see this link that inthesaltmine gave me on the above cube, explaining the fourth dimension.

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