Monday, July 29, 2013

Desilet on kosmic addressing

Continuing from the last post, this Desilet article pre-dates the kennilingus semiotics paper but is applicable nonetheless, since kosmic addressing is still the key. Especially of the Awakened ones. In the article Desilet criticizes Wilber's earlier work in IS but as Wilber maintains the same kosmic addressing system the critique is still valid, especially of the metaphysics of presence. The following also reminds me of Cook-Greuter's recent ITC comments in this post.

"Wilber adheres to his own version of a myth of the given in the belief that, for all practical purposes, clear, transparent communication and translation are as good as given when factored through his Kosmic addressing system. However, for Derrida, regardless of sophisticated sets of enactments or operations, transparency can never be taken as given. An absence of certainty in communication, a failure of objective location, persists.

"Traditional metaphysics and its construction of notions of absolute transcendence which easily slide, however unintentionally, toward authorization of modes of certainty. Attitudes of certainty contribute to predispositions toward conceptual models and hierarchical arrangements immune to destabilizations, profound reversals, and unpredictable transformations. These kinds of models, consistent with restricted economies, ultimately imply forms of mastery and control that are without warrant. Institutionalized in small communities such models in no small measure account for the persistence throughout history of authoritarian cults.

"In Gary Hampson's apt phrasing, if there is a way out of postmodernism it is to pass through it, and Wilber has yet to genuinely pass through it."

Also see my own lengthy critique in this thread.

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