Thursday, July 25, 2013

Postformal operations and postmetaphysicality

Continuing this IPS thread:

And another thing. Post-formal operations involves going postmetaphysical. As I've amply documented in the real/false reason thread, the creators of the MHC, themselves supposedly postformal thinkers, still adhere to metaphysical postulates. And those very postulates are how they measure postformality and complexity! Whereas the type of postformal operations we've explored in the forum all have gone postmetaphysical, from L&J to Levin to Bryant to Derrida, etc. A large part of the metaphysical post-formalists, given their 'false' reasoning, fail to understand the likes of the aforementioned postmetaphysicists and can only label them green or pluralist. So there's also this real/false, healthy/unhealthy aspect to rationality that must be considered in the lateral phases of this level. Which of course will change drastically what it means to go postformal if we're using postmetaphysicality as a significant element.

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