Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Evolutionary reconstruction

From the Alperovitz article referenced in the last post; you'll like the framing (my bolding):

"In a context of 'neither reform nor crisis collapse' very interesting strategic possibilities may sometimes be viable. Such possibilities are best understood as neither 'reforms' (i.e. policies to modify and control, but not transcend corporate institutions) nor 'revolution' (i.e. the overthrowing of corporate institutions), but rather as a longer term process that is best described as an evolutionary reconstruction—that is, systemic institutional transformation of the political economy that unfolds over time. Like reform, evolutionary reconstruction involves step-by-step nonviolent change. But like revolution, evolutionary reconstruction changes the basic institutions of ownership of the economy, so that the broad public, rather than a narrow band of individuals (i.e., the one percent), increasingly owns more and more of the nation's productive assets."

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