Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Groundswell: A regressive stategy group revealed

See David Corn's Mother Jones article. Groundswell realizes they're losing the framing battle so they're plotting to undermine the liberal agenda at all costs. They've been trying to remain under the radar but Corn exposes them in this exclusive. They think they need to frame talking points at a 4th grade level to win minority approval, which tells you what they think of them. And the issues they want to focus on are scandals, not jobs or social concerns. Check it out to see who is involved, their agenda and the type of framing they are using to mislead and obfuscate rather than enlighten and educate. They didn't want their activities to come to light because us 4th-graders might get on to their machinations.* Too late, we know and now everyone else will too.

* Sorry, 8th-grade word.

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