Monday, July 15, 2013

Krugman and the Republican war on food stamps

In Krugman's article he thinks the regressives actually take joy in hurting starving people and he's right. Recent passage of the Farm Bill proves his point. The Bill has traditionally had two parts, farm subsidies and food stamps. The House passed the Bill and completely eliminated food stamps from it, leaving countless people in need. Their rationalization? The government shouldn't be funding programs for the needy. Meanwhile the Bill just gave giant hand outs to the not-so-needy farm industry.

Another rationalization is that the poor are that way by choice, i.e., they are lazy and just want the life of luxury afforded by welfare and food stamps. Really? Do you know how much they get from those programs? Not enough to pay the bills or to eat. While Krugman notices the obvious that there is incredible animus toward the poor he doesn't know why. Recall this post that spells it our accurately and succinctly: This is an evil sickness, plain and simple.

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