Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Said Dawlabani

In the IPS anti-capitalism thread Balder referenced his new but yet to be released book, Memenomics.

Here's Dawlabani's blog. He's into SDi and I much prefer the original SD version but I'll give him a chance. From one of his blog slides:

One can see that the next gen yellow characteristics are those I've been providing examples of in several threads.

From this post:

"Corporations and consumers alike abandoned the ethics of the fourth level structural system which made the US a great model of Capitalism – for an ethic that was engineered on Wall Street. For more than three centuries, this evolving but sustainable model for Capitalism called on consumers to build equity through hard work. The system called on corporations to pursue organic growth through product diversification and healthy competition. Instead of hard, productive work to build equity, the Wall Street model for capitalism substituted impulsive speculative borrowing – a hallmark of the ‘Empire Driven’ third level system."

In this post Dawlabani explains the 3 periods of capitalism: agrarian, industrial, and post-industrial. The last phase was about the shift from factory worker to knowledge worker but in the process this phase went rogue. Labor unions were denuded and protective financial laws were rolled back which led to the rapid rise of Wall Street. "This was the sidetrack, not the initial vision of the new economy and any definition of the future of capitalism must include this observation." Hence the vast redistribution of wealth upwards through deregulating policies for the benefit of the few at the expense of the entire economy.

His solution is "functional capitalism," not explained in this post. We can see though from the graph above that it is distributed, collaborative and open source via sustainable tech. Which of course sounds a lot like Rifkin's distributed capitalism.* And not too much like conscious capitalism.

* Recall from this post on Rifkin's work:

Here's a review of the book by Bruce Gibb in the June 2010 issue of Integral Leadership Review from an SDi perspective. An excerpt:

"One might conclude that Rifkin’s COG is at green because the values he espouses and the demons he denounces are typically those of a person at green. At the same time, however, since his articulation of these values are in the service of global turquoise, one could argue that his COG is at the turquoise level. I conclude the latter."

From this post by Dawlabani:

"It doesn’t take a genius to see that when lenders flood capital markets with liquidity under the guidance of a Federal Reserve that believes government regulation is evil that systemic greed will be the order of the decade followed by years if not decades of markets suffering the consequences. [...] Since its earliest use over 8,000 years ago money has always served as a function of productive output. Alan Greenspan and the geniuses on Wall Street sought to alter that roll by making money productive output itself. A classic and grossly misguided case of the tail wagging the dog."

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