Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another clean energy source

This comes from The Nation magazine mailer:

Clean Energy for Your Home...NOW

Did you know you can power your home using 100% clean energy?
Did you know you can do it without special hardware, installation, or even increasing your bill by more than the price of one cup of coffee per week?
Did you know your utility bill can fund progressive organizations like Campaign for America's Future and The Nation instead of corporate lobbying that gets oil companies big tax breaks?

Cut your carbon footprint and support progressive change with Pear Energy.

Find Out How

Our Commitment

Pear Energy is an easy way to offset all of your dirty coal, nuclear, or natural gas-based electricity by putting clean wind energy onto the grid;
We only deliver friendly, efficient and reliable customer service;
We stick to our Fair Price Promise of transparency and reasonable prices — buying clean energy costs a little more, but just a little more — around the cost of one cup of coffee per week;
Pear Shares — We donate half of our profits to organizations that share our dedication to ecological sanity and full employment;
We have a no-hassle satisfaction policy — if you are unhappy, we’ll switch you back with no switching costs and no service interruptions.
Now you have a choice—in all 50 States

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