Friday, June 28, 2013

Torbert re-tread

I'm more inclined to the post-dialectical thinking of Torbert in this thread. I recall from the Edwards article that he thinks Torbert's model is much more in line with the various modes of a metasystem. My second comment in the thread outlines some similarities to how I agree with Bonnie. I quote Bonnie in the 3rd comment. In this post I ask some of the same questions I asked above, and how Torbert addresses them. A couple posts down he goes into triple-loop awareness, and this sounds more like an answer to my question. We come around again to something like an entirely novel '2nd tier' much more akin to our envolutionary and torusian  triple-loop feedback including virtuality. In the later pages (there are only 3) I bring in DeLanda, Deleuze, Bryant etc., as they're on the same page (so to speak). And how this differs from the Lingam's Causal explanations. I even throw in a bonus neuroscience article at the end validating it! ;)

I'm now going to return to Torbert's article in the new Integral Review, "Listening into the dark."

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