Friday, June 14, 2013

One bad apple

Continuing from this post on Islam, of course we can find evidence not only of stated edicts to violence in its scripture but such behavior in its fanatic adherents. I'm just wondering to what degree the 'average' Muslim is devout enough to follow the letter of their gospel? I know here in the US most church-going Catholics do not follow the letter of the Vatican's interpretation of the Bible, often engaging in contraception and premarital sex, having gay friends, eating meat on Friday, taking the name of the Lord in vain. Even, God Forbid, fellatio or cunnilingus! So even though a strong case can be made for the violence in Islamic scripture, and for those violent adherents of said scripture, is this really what most purported Muslims believe and how they behave? Do we have any empirical studies on this? It's far too easy to look at the bad apples but do they spoil the whole bunch?

Update: See this Pew Research. While it seems most Muslims are rather conservative socially most object to violence. "More than 75% say that suicide bombing and other violence against civilians is rarely or never justified." And of course it depends on social context and geography.

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  1. hi theurijj

    well there are statistics like here

    but i do agree that MOST of the moslems are just NOT doing what they are told by the imam

    still, as experience in the newly islamic enriched european countries prove (50 years of data) TOO MANY of them do .
    this is like living with a poisonous snake which sometimes but rarely bites.
    in any case it willnot be conducive to relaxed living
    it is enough to look at india which has a 1000 year record of how it is living with islam in your own backyard. fazit: not very pleasant and constantly in danger .
    especaily nowadays with atomic weapons rolling around zhe globe

    one zealot is enough for a lot of real trouble



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