Thursday, June 6, 2013

Petition the DOJ to prosecute Wall Street criminals, not its victims

From Action for the Common Good:

On May 22, during the Justice to Justice Week of Action, seven brave women - six of them grandmothers and all victims of the foreclosure crisis – were arrested after conducting a peaceful sit-in at the entrance to the office of the Covington & Burling law firm, one of the major representatives of Wall Street banks in Washington, DC.

The Covington law firm represents mega-banks like JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America and maintains a “revolving door” with the government officials who are supposed to hold Wall Street accountable.
Rather than recognizing the overwhelming public demand for bringing justice to the Wall Street Banks responsible for torpedoing the economy and foreclosing on millions of Americans, the DOJ decided it would be easier to press charges against these average Americans whose only crime was to stand up ask why Attorney General Eric Holder hadn’t done his job.

On Tuesday, June 11th, the US Justice Department is set to press charges against the grandmothers and home defenders who blocked the revolving door between their government and the Wall Street’s favorite DC law firm.

These brave women and their families have already suffered more than anyone should at the hands of careless Wall Street Banks. Mildred Garrison-Obi, one of the grandmothers facing charges, was recently forcibly and illegally evicted after four years of fighting to keep her home1. Despite her own financial and personal health troubles, she headed to Washington to stand with and provide a voice for the millions of underwater homeowners across the country.

Despite these home defenders’ ongoing struggle, they traveled to Washington and risked arrest to bring attention to the revolving door between Wall Street law firms and the DOJ.

Despite the challenged facing their families, they stood to speak speak for the millions who have suffered as a result of illegal foreclosures and risky Wall Street practices.

We need to take action to end this outrageous behavior today.

In Solidarity,
Brian Kettenring
Campaign Director, Campaign for a Fair Settlement
Executive Director, Action for the Common Good

1. Read more about Obi's story here.

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