Saturday, June 29, 2013

The limitations of evolutionary meaning-making

Here's an interesting Integral World article applicable in the OOO thread, "The limitations of the evolutionary meaning-making." It deals with how the Real is underdeveloped in kennilingus via the latter's overlooking peak oil. The author is an engineer so he "focus[es] typically on the physical and material world. [...] In integral contexts there is a larger emphasis on meta-theory and perspectives rather than descriptions on reality itself."

The former perspective "focus[es] on the environment and its resources as main drivers of human development, and human activities as a consequence of this. In Diamonds book Guns, germs and steel, he argues for the availability of natural resources, crops and animal to domesticate and climate zones as advantages in favor of the Eurasian continent as main reasons to why Europeans colonized the rest of the world instead of the opposite." The latter "emphasizes human development as something that is inherently driven by humanity itself, the tetra-evolution of psychological, cultural, behavioral/physiological and structural. The integral view of humanity is a story of progress and of transformation from rudimentary to complex forms of thinking and being, therefore sometimes called the evolutionary meaning-making."

In terms of Bryant's BCT, each emphasize a different 'ring' and can recontextualize and balance the other. But particularly how many paradigms are deficient in the Real. Which is also one message in this article. Another is, as I've made here about OOO, that some realistic paradigms lack the insights of developmental psychology.

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