Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Neural Basis of Free Will

Is the title of a new book by Peter Tse (2013, MIT Press), with free Google book preview here. From the Introduction:

"This book explores the neural bases free will and mental causation from the perspective of neuroscience and psychology. I offer a series of arguments that a particular kind of strong free will and 'downward' mental causation is realized in neuronal, dendritic, and synaptic processing" (1).

Also see this Dartmouth article about Tse and the book. And this blurb from MIT press. I also found a 2-hour You Tube presentation by Tse on the topic here.


  1. And here's an in-depth article about Tse's work:

  2. You can also see an excellent PBS interview with him about his ideas if you google "Closer to Truth Tse" or go here


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