Sunday, June 9, 2013

Freeman on Derrida

Reading further into Human's dissertation from this post I'm reminded of Cameron Freeman. This Integral Options Cafe article refreshed my memory. The essay was "Towards a postmetaphysical theology." However it seems the original article at Metanexus is no longer available. Freeman's website has also disappeared from the web. One can though see a free Google preview of his book here: Postmetaphysics and the Paradoxical Teachings of Jesus.

This appears to be the article (as I recall), though without naming Freeman. An excerpt:

"Derrida begins with the observation that in so far as the entities that constitute our reality have to be set apart before we can even begin to speak about them, nothing actually exists prior to this differentiating process.[2] This differentiation process that precedes and set up the very conditions of language and meaning in the West is what Derrida calls différance, which he characterizes as "the non-full, non-simple, structured and differentiating origin of differences."[3] As the dynamic structuring principle of language and communication, différance can also be described as the never constituted enabling condition of Western metaphysics[4], and as such it describes the very ‘conditions of possibility' for distinguishing between metaphysical oppositions such as ‘sensible/intelligible', ‘nature/culture', ‘inside/outside', etc."

"And so, by showing how the parables of Jesus disrupt and confound the pre-given horizons of intelligibility that establish the metaphysics of Being in the West with a direct pointing to his own realization of the Kingdom of God, it will here be argued that Jesus' radical teachings are so explosive precisely because they are not grounded upon the onto-theological foundations of the Western metaphysics of presence."

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