Thursday, June 6, 2013

More on Morin

From the IPS pomo & complexity thread:

Returning to this article here, a few selections from the conclusions:

"The problem is not to create a general theory covering everything.... Rather, the problem is to consider...all aspects of the light of the complexity of system and organization."

"Holism becomes a new kind of reductionism by reducing everything to the whole."

"We begin to catch a glimpse of a new form of rationality....[that] allows us to perceive not only the fish but the ocean as well--that is to say, that which can never be caught."

"The system paradigm demands that we master...the desire for mastery." (13-14)

Comments on the above 4 quotes:

The difference between a theory of everything and a theory for anything;

Wiping assholons;

Intergral-aperspectivity founded on the withdrawn;

Stepping out of anthropomorphic correlationism.

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