Sunday, June 16, 2013

Open access and sales

There is a continuing myth that when information is provided for free authors starve.I'm reminded of earlier in the OOO thread, where Bryant commented on how when one publishes open source from the start, like he's done with The Speculative Turn, he's still making a decent profit on sales and providing the information for free to those who choose not to pay. He even said that open source was increasing his sales! From that post:

"From a sales angle, however, I’ve been surprised to discover that open access publishing actually seems to increase sales. The Speculative Turn has been a wild success. It crashed Re.Press’s server the night it was released, and has hovered around the 40-60 thousand sales rank on Amazon consistently since it was released a year ago. This is extraordinary for an academic text, especially given that anyone can access it for free."

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