Thursday, June 13, 2013

Integral Islam and broad brushes

That is the name of a new thread at IPS, started by a blog at Integral Life. Which reminds me of Bryant's rants about all religion here as one example. Sam Harris would agree, to a point, for example in this post. But here is a big difference between Harris and Bryant. Harris does the state training and knows the 'religious' experience. Like Bryant he condemns the misdirection of such experience toward out-group hatred but he does not throw the baby out with it. It does however make it all the more difficult to have an integral Islam when as he said the hatred is built right into its scripture, the good will and intention of kennilnguists notwithstanding. We all know with what the road to hell is paved?

As a tangent, a similar principle applies to some kennilingus political strategy when it comes to US Republican regressives, which is today pretty much the entire party. We don't need to include their ideas and be nice about it; we need to declare political war and defeat them at every turn to combat their regressive, hateful and incredibly harmful policies to most of us. Not incidentally, many of these regressives are also religious fanatics but of a Christian variety.

Then max went on a rant about pomo relativists, again reminiscent of Bryant. He said:"But the christian fundamentalists as a rule do not teach their disciples to blow themselves up in an atheists schoolbus, so we need to differentiate in more depth."

Did I say anything to that effect? No, I did not, so I wonder who needs some depth here. What Christian fundamentalists in Congress do though is push to reduce or remove food stamps for the poor as one of many examples of literally killing us softly instead of with bombs. Killing Obamacare is another, actually taking away a poor person's ability to see a doctor in the early stages of disease, instead of having to go to an emergency room when it is too late. And no, I don't paint all Christianity with this broad brush, just the regressives. There are plenty of progressive Christians and I am constantly pointing them out when they fight their own religion's regressive branch.

He adds: "And the whole green meme mass media and university professor pose .....would they relativize it all again" along with other so-called green meme and pomo rants. Again, who is the one lacking depth here, painting the entire mass media, university staff and postmodernism as relativists? Me thinks he's drunk on the kennilingus strawman ale here. And/or bryantics broad brush of pluralism.

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  1. anybody who talks integral islam should be at least aware what is really going down in the islamic world , to be realistic .not just empty nice theory.
    here two articles which highlight what will have to be endured if a moslem should try to reform islam (and an integral islam is a reformed islam) and who he is up against (like in :which doctrine and its holders )


    by the way i do not necessarily share spencers political affiliations but his view on the problem islam poses is concise and i share it thats why i use his site here.


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