Friday, June 7, 2013

Towards an economy of complexity

Here's an article co-authored by Cilliars, whose 1998 book kicked off this ongoing IPS thread: "Towards an economy of complexity: Derrida, Morin and Bataille." The abstract:

"In this article we explore the possibility of viewing complex systems, as well as the models we create of such systems, as operating within a particular type of economy. The type of economy we aim to establish here is inspired by Jacques Derrida’s reading of George Bataille’s notion of a general economy. We restrict our discussion to the philosophical use of the word ‘economy’. This reading tries to overcome the idea of an economy as restricted to a single logos or master narrative. At the same time, however, Derrida illustrates that we always operate from a restricted framework and as such something will always escape and interrupt our understanding of the world. In this paper we will propose that one could use Derrida’s reading of Bataille, along with notions such as diffĂ©rance, in order to move towards an understanding of complex systems as existing within certain sets of possibilities and constraints. We argue that this view of an economy agrees with the work of Edgar Morin on complexity and his conceptualization of general complexity."

In Cilliars bio at the end it notes this:

"Sadly, shortly after submitting this paper for review, he passed away. His inspiration, humour and thoughts are sorely missed by all those who knew him."

Adieu mon amie!

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