Saturday, June 15, 2013

New special issue of Integral Review (June 2013, 9:2)

At this link. On Rifkin, see Molz and Edwards Intro:

"Ateljevic lays out a program for an integrated 'transmodern' approach to a scholarship of hope and caring. This perspective comes from Ateljevic's notion of 'the synchronized phenomenon of emerging higher collective consciousness' as expressed in the...'relational global consciousness of biosphere politics' of Rifkin.... She seeks to provide a coordinating language that connects these signs of an emerging paradigm shift that might well constitute ‘the new renaissance' of human history" (8).

Also see Ateljevic's article, where Rifkin is featured prominently. See this new thread for discussion of the new issue.

The table of contents:

Research Across Boundaries: Introduction to the First Part of the Special Issue
Markus Molz & Mark G. Edwards
Impressions from the Luxemburg Symposium Research Across Boundaries
Jonathan Reams & K. Helmut Reich

Surprises Ahead: What Will Be Special about the 21st Century? Why Do We Now Need Boundary-Crossing Research?
Ruben Nelson

Varieties of Boundary Crossings
V. V. Raman    

Networks of Agape and Creativity: Learning Across Boundaries and the Calling of Planetary Realizations
Ananta Kumar Giri  

Toward a Genealogy and Topology of Western Integrative Thinking
Gary P. Hampson
From Knowledge to Wisdom: Assessment and Prospects after Three Decades
Nicholas Maxwell

Towards a New Art of Integration
Ananta Kumar Giri

Against Consilience: Outsider Scholarship and the Isthmus Theory of Knowledge Domains
Mike King

Global Knowledge Futures: Articulating the Emergence of a New Meta-level Field
Jennifer M. Gidley

Towards an Integral Meta-Studies: Describing and Transcending Boundaries in the Development of Big Picture Science
Mark G. Edwards

The Transdisciplinary Moment(um)
Julie Thompson Klein

Visions of Transmodernity: A New Renaissance of our Human History?
Irena Ateljevic

Cybersemiotics: A New Foundation for Transdisciplinary Theory of Information, Cognition, Meaningful Communication and the Interaction Between Nature and Culture
Soren Brier

Listening into the Dark: An Essay Testing the Validity and Efficacy of Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry for Describing and Encouraging Transformations of Self, Society, and Scientific Inquiry
William R. Torbert

The Arc from the Body to Culture: How Affect, Proprioception, Kinesthesia, and Perceptual Imagery Shape Cultural Knowledge (and vice versa)  
Michael Kimmel
Integrating Conceptions of Human Progress  
Rick Szostak
New Departures in Tackling Urban Climate Change: Transdisciplinarity for Social Transformation (a critical appraisal of the WBGU 2011 Report)
Christoph Woiwode                    
Transdisciplinary Consumption
Sue L.T. McGregor

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