Sunday, June 30, 2013

The involution of virtuality

Reviewing this of Bryant's posts I came upon the following in comments, #2 by jdempsey. He said the following, relevant to virtuality and envolution (my bolding):

"Kerslake’s DELEUZE AND THE UNCONSCIOUS (2009) has a beautiful description of how humans are able to perceive time in a seemingly unique way:

'For Bergson and Janet, the human being is an organism that happens to have become complex enough to open up a "zone of indetermination" (Bergson, 1896) in its brain, which permits the suspension of habitual reaction and the appeal to past experience. This cerebral zone of indetermination becomes the "gap" or "interval" through which duration enters, proceeding to take charge of the organism, turning it inside out. Time surges into the brain, changing everything, so that now it is the brain which becomes shaped around an ever-accumulating ontological memory, rather than vice versa. Wherever interiorized duration arises, time pushes through and inverts the fabric of the universe, so that matter must now be taken as the envelope of temporal becoming, rather than time being dependent on matter. In Difference and Repetition, Deleuze makes the Kantian point that "a succession of instants does not constitute time any more than it causes it to disappear; it indicates only its constantly aborted moment of birth. Time is constituted only in the originary synthesis which operates on the repetition of instants." At the moment that the material universe inverts itself and interiorizes itself virtually, it (starting with the brain) becomes shaped around time, rather than vice versa. There is an ascent, through the involution of virtuality, to an entirely new order of validity, beyond the order of actual fact. The emergence of memory through the zone of indetermination opens up a process of interiorized differentiation which proceeds to evolve in tension with the more generalizing tendencies of intelligence.'”

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